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Auditions: Welcome

We are holding auditions for our next production, EXIT STRATEGY by Ike Holter, in summer of 2024.


The play will run 4 weekends from June 21st to July 14th at The Rosette Theater.

Exit Strategy Audition Sign-Up (

About the Director - Rodolfo Robles Cruz

Rodolfo Robles Cruz is a M.F.A. in Theatre candidate with a specialization in directing at The University of Texas at Austin. He is a theatre artist from Morelia, Michoacan with strong roots in Fresno, California. As an artist he emphasizes the Latinx/POC experience in America, often through the lens of shows that focus on ensemble and humor. Select directing credits: Oedipus el Rey by Luis Alfaro (Selma Arts Center); Anna in the Tropics by Nilo Cruz (Madera Theatre Project); Sanctuary City by Martyna Majok (UT Austin Studio Series); Dog Sees God: Confessions of a Teenage Blockhead by Bert V. Royal (Experimental Theatre Company.)

First call auditions will be held on Saturday, April 20th, in ten minute time slots from 10:00am - 6:00pm. Callbacks will be held on the evening of Monday, April 22nd, beginning at 6:00pm. Both sessions will be held at Gracy Farms rehearsal space: 11901 Swearingen Dr. #46, Austin TX, 78758

The cast consists of 6 adults and 1 youth/young adult actor. All actors will receive a stipend

Casting all roles. 

Character Descriptions by Playwright:


RICKY, 30s. White. Vice Principal. Hipster headcase with a nervous twitch and a professional ability to say the worst thing at the best time. He has a strong backbone but its hidden by a perpetual slouch. Doesn't know when to stop talking. Moves to Chicago from a small town after college; has been here for nearly a decade but still can't quite fit into the groove of the city. 


PAM, late 40s - 60. Open race. The tough-love teacher who knows every student by name and has their parents on speed dial. Pack-a-day smoker. Drives a beat up car and loves it. Has been teaching for decades and hides her disappointment in the educational system by pushing every student to the limit-- guiding them to succeed at any cost. Could direct a school play and stop a gang fight and beat anyone in a game of poker, all in the same day. Has a killer game face but a big heart.


ARNOLD, late 40s - 60. Open race. Been-there-done-that high school teacher. Nobody's favorite educator but everybody's toughest critic. Formerly inspirational: years of teaching have finally taken their toll. Caustic, guarded, short-tempered. He cares about his job -- deeply -- but his love for the work has also come at great personal cost. A sense of humor so dry its basically in smolders. Born and bred Chicagoan. Can stop a room with a look. 


LUCE, 30s. Latino. Math teacher. Loud and effervescent; a hype man and best friend whenever necessary. Perpetually honest but also incredibly bad at reading a room. The life of the party who can't ever be trusted with a secret. Weed fanatic. Queer. Born and bread Chicagoan. 


SADIE, 30s - early 40s. Black. A wannabe Oprah who doesn't realize she has more in common with Steve Harvey. Mother of two kids but considers every student part of her family. Teaches too many classes but still brings supplies and food for any and everyone. Is used to being told no, but will fight hard for any yes she can get. God-fearing, speechifying, hilarious. Will never admit when she's wrong. Lifelong Chicagoan, believes in "turn the other cheek" instead of taking to the street. 


JANIA, late 20s - early 30s. Latina. The youngest person in the room but also the smartest. Went to an Ivy league school but chose to work at one of the most dangerous public high schools in the state. Has seen more school closings than any other teacher around; hides survivor's guilt with a tough attitude and a fast and brutal barrage of insults. Has a heat-seeking internal missile that can locate anyone's weakness. Bilingual. Secretly would love to fit in but has made a career standing up for tough issues. So serious that she doesn't realize that she's actually quite funny. 


DONNIE, 18. Black. Spits out words like hand grenades. A charismatic fighter. Chance The Rapper meets Holden Caulfield. The most popular kid in school is also a boots-on-the-ground activist; tech-savvy, and well-trained in social media takeovers. The fight for his school is the biggest battle Donnie has ever fought, and he puts his heart and soul into his survival. Funny, sly, and calculating.  

Rehearsals will begin the week of May 14th with some flexibility for school schedules for Donnie role.

Read more about rehearsal schedule, full play synopsis, link to script and sides and Sign Up here:

Exit Strategy Audition Sign-Up (


BAP is committed to fostering an environment where everyone is valued and respected. We are committed to equality and embrace diverse perspectives. 

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